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Marriage Record Index
Index includes 1872 through 1939

See instructions below for the general operation of "Marriage Index".  Once inside, if you are having problems using "Marriage Index", choose "Help" from the menu for detailed information on minimum requirements, the Interactive Client, etc. (see bottom of this page for "Help" button location). 

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Search, view, magnify and print Marriage Record Index on-line.

Searching Marriage Record Index

Directions and Tips for Using Marriage Record Index On-line

Click on the "Marriage Record Index" button above; then double click on the application "Recorder05 - Marriage Index 1872 to 1939".

Tips for Using Marriage Record Index

The "Marriage Index" can be searched by entering the first letter of the last name followed by an asterisk (*), hit enter.

     Ex:  A*

All alphabetical sections with the last name beginning with “A” will be displayedDouble click on the alphabetical section you want to view.  Records in the alphabetical section are in chronological order.  Common names (such as “Anderson”) will have their own section.  Within each common name section, you will find all possible spellings listed. 

To move from page to page within your selection, use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons, as indicated on the image of the toolbar below.


Marriage Record Index

It was difficult in the 1800’s to keep records and not all vital records were reported.  Often people providing information did not read, write or speak English.  Those who did speak English often had accents, which made communication difficult to understand and to spell.  The persons collecting the information might also have had their own language barriers.  Therefore, you should look for all possible variations of spellings.

Information collected on a marriage application today is very different when compared to past applications.  Below is a list of the information items collected on  marriage records during 1872 - 1939:   

  • Date of application

  • Name of groom

  • Groom’s county and state of residence

  • Groom’s age (starting mid 1902 records)

  • Maiden name of bride

  • Bride’s county and state of residence

  • Bride’s age (starting mid 1902 records)

  • Date of marriage

  • County or city where marriage took place

  • Names of two witnesses (no address)

  • Name of person officiating the marriage (no address)

  • Minister or justice of the peace to describe officiating person

  • County name where officiant's credentials are on file

  • Book and page number of record given in the index 

Once you have located the book and page number of the record you want to obtain, contact the Clay County Recorder’s Office to request a copy of the marriage recordInclude the book and page number in your request.  For fee information see the Vital Records Fee Schedule.  

An index is a tool used to assist in locating records.  Marriage index information is believed to be accurate but accuracy is not guaranteed.

Important note:  When finished, please choose "Logout".  
Then close the "Login" page. 

Marriage Index


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