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Real Estate Fee Schedule

Recording Fee - Abstract Property
$46 (no page limit)

$10 for each additional document number cited over 4 - Recording of
     Satisfaction, Partial Release or Assignment
$56 Plat Recording Fee

$50 Well Certificate (required if a Certificate of Real Estate Value is required)   


Recording Fee - Torrens Property
$46 (no page limit)

$10 for each additional document number cited over 4 - Recording of
     Satisfaction, Partial Release or Assignment

$50 Condition of Title/Certified Copy of Certificate of Title
$25 Non-certified Copy of Certificate of Title
$56 Plat Recording Fee
$56 Registered Land Survey
$50 Well Certificate (required if a Certificate of Real Estate Value is required)  
$15 Full Size Certified Copy - Registered Land Survey
$10 Full Size Non Certified Copy - Registered Land Survey
$40 Additional new certificate or Residue Certificate
$20 Additional Memorials


Related Miscellaneous Fees

$2 attested or confirmed copies
$1 per page for copies (maximum of $10 per document)
$10 - Certified Copy (no page limit)
$5 per document faxed plus $1 per page over 1
$20 Tax Lien Search per name
$29.00 Home and Farm Plat Book
$15 - Full Size Certified Copy of a Plat
$10 - Non Certified Copy of a Plat
$260 - per calendar year - Activity Report; special Activity Report fee based on request.
$30 Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee 



State Deed Tax
Mortgage Registry Tax
Current Property Taxes
Delinquent Property Taxes


Combining Fees in One Check

It is ok to combine Recording/Related Miscellaneous Fees in one check when:  multiple documents (a set) are submitted for recording for one client/customer.  (ie:  Satisfaction, Mortgage and Assignment for one client/customer).  If there are problems with one or more of the documents for the client/customer, the entire set will be returned without recording. 

When documents are submitted for several client/customers it is best to make separate recording fee checks for each client/customer.   This way, if documents for one client/customer have to be returned without recording, there is no effect on the rest of the documents submitted for other client/customers. 

Write checks for Recording/Related Miscellaneous Fees to Clay County Recorder’s Office.

Mortgage Registry Tax and State Deed Tax fees can be combined in one check.  Delinquent taxes must be a separate check from current year taxes.

Write checks for Taxes to Clay County Treasurer’s Office

Do not combine Recording/Related Miscellaneous Fees and Taxes in one check. 


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