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West Nile Virus & Mosquito Management

During the summer months, the concern over West Nile Virus increases. West Nile Virus was first documented in the Western Hemisphere in 1999. It is a virus carried by mosquitoes that can infect humans, birds, horses and some other mammals. It produces flu like symptoms which typically only last for a few days. More severe cases produce encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain.

Clay County does not have a mosquito abatement program at this time. For the last 18 years we have been collecting mosquitoes in traps for identification. We are specifically looking for the culex tarsalis mosquito, which is the carrier of encephalitis.

Additional Information on West Nile Virus

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Fight the Bite - Local governments in Cass County, North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota are teaming up to increase the effectiveness of their mosquito control efforts.

Minnesota Department of Health - West Nile Virus

North Dakota Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control - West Nile Virus

NDSU Extension Service - Mosquito Management

National Pesticide Telecommunications Network - DEET Fact Sheet (PDF:  4 pages)

Cass County Vector Control

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